[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend freezing

Nathan A. Smith nasa01 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 19 19:51:02 UTC 2006


I am having a continually problem with mythfrontend freezing.  I
compiled 0.19 from svn (after it's release), on my mythbox made up of an
Althon XP 1800, 756M of memory, ATI 8500DV AIW, 300G hard drive running
mandriva 2006.

I got everything to compile fine, and it all starts up with out any
obvious problems.  Once mythfrontend is up and running I can usually
move around the menus, watch TV, listen to music etc.  However switching
to the guide always causes a freeze.  In addition, moving around the
menus may lead to the same type of freeze.

When I say "freeze" I mean the screen is locked-up (won't even respond
to a ctrl-alt-backspace).  I can still ssh into the box and do a top --
which shows X at 99% cpu usage.  I can't shutdown the box until I kill
the x process.

None of my logs shows anything of interest.  I tried to gdb the
mythfrontend process, but I didn't get any insights from that.

I would really appreciate any ideas on this...


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