[mythtv-users] How exactly do you install mythweb?

Robert May robtmay at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 17:59:24 UTC 2006

I had mythweb working under 0.18  but after updating to 0.19 it fails.
 I get this error when I try to load mythweb:
"Please install the MySQL libraries for PHP.
The package is usually called something like php-mysql."

I have php4-mysql installed and phpmyadmin works well.  So, I don't
think it's a lack of the php-mysql files.  Prior to updating to 0.19 I
completely removed 0.18 as a 'just in case'.
I've followed the readme and the instructions at:
http://hyams.webhop.net/mythtv/myth_ubuntu.html . But I still get that
error.  Any sugestions?  I'm running Ubuntu if that makes a


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