[mythtv-users] 0.19, Watch TV - This isn't good...........

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sat Feb 18 08:32:02 UTC 2006

Michael Haan <michael.haan at gmail.com> says:
> I go in and select Watch Live TV and *boom*:
> Bad page state at free_hot_cold_page (in process 'mythfrontend', page
> ffff81000215d2c8)
> flags:0x0100000000000414 mapping:0000000000000000 mapcount:0 count:0
> (Tainted: PF   B)
> Backtrace:


> Sound craps out and video freezes - though it seems I can FFW and get
> another second or two.  Anyone?
> FC4, AMD64, HD3000/PVR350, 2.6.15, nVidia 6600GT with latest drivers using
> XvMC and Bob.

I've seen a very similar thing with ATrpms 0.19/Fedora Core
4/2.6.15-1831_FC4smp/Nvidia 7676 (except my backtraces mention
'nvidia') and my HD5000 HDTV capture card, except: 1) Live TV, per se,
works fine with the card. It only happens *after* I *stop* using the
card in Live TV (whether by switching to another tuner or by exiting
to the menu. 2) It doesn't happen when I record from the card. 3) As
far as I can tell, despite the dire warnings about a reboot being
needed, it doesn't affect the stability of my frontend/backend one
bit; even mythfrontend itself keeps plugging away. I might've never
noticed the issue had my syslog not spit the backtrace to the console
using 'wall.'

I created a SVN ticket but it was closed with the note that I should
report it to the linux-dvb list as a kernel issue. I guess I can do
that but, as implied above, 0.19 is the first time I've seen this

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