[mythtv-users] ran mythrename.pl now mythweb recorded programs is broken

casey dunn casey.dunn at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 15:38:56 UTC 2006

I normaly run mythpretty.sh from an older release to create short cuts in a
sub-folder of my home folder.  It doesn't handle the new naming conventions
so after a bit of hacking that didn't work I gave up on fixing it and looked
for a replacement.  Found mythrename.pl, ran it with --link [my pretty names
dir], didn't like the lack of messages.  So I looked at it again and created
the show_names directory and ran it --verbose.  Now I've got nothing in the
show_names directory, what appears to be the last run of mythpretty.sh's
link in my home/pretty folder and all my recording have been renamed to a
pretty name instead keeping their original  myth name.

What's wrong...

I've got pretty names where I should have [chan]_[time].nuv and mythweb -
recorded program crashes the backend.

I've noticed that the recorded progams php does not gracefully handle
missing/corrupt files.
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