[mythtv-users] Keep the most recent n # of episodes

Noel Murphy bnmurphy at rogers.com
Thu Feb 16 15:53:26 UTC 2006

I'm sure this is possible and I'm just missing how to do this so I  
thought I'd just ask.

I currently have my MythTV box setup to record a show using the "Find  
one episode each week". I have the max number of episodes to keep set  
to 5. I would like it so that once all 5 "slots" are filled, when it  
goes to record the 6th, the oldest one is deleted so that it DOES  
record the 6, but I still only have 5 episodes on disk. Basically I  
want the 5 most recent episodes.

Also, when the oldest is automatically removed (expired?) is it  
marked so that it can be recorded again? or is it marked to never be  
recorded again?


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