[mythtv-users] Hitting Zap2It too hard?

Rick ve1gn at nb.sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 15 01:50:42 UTC 2006

Mickey Chandler wrote:
> I was just looking through my mythfilldatabase log.  I'm seeing a lot 
> of these lines:
> 2006-02-14 13:44:10.792 Data Refresh needed because offset day 6 has 
> less than 4 programs per channel for the 6PM - midnight time window 
> for channels that normally have data. We want at least 920 programs, 
> but only found 800
> I'm certainly not having any problems with recording and the data 
> that's there seems to be good.
> Now, as I understand things, I normally shouldn't be seeing this Data 
> Refresh for D+6 since we should only be updating D+1 and D+13.  So, 
> does anyone have any ideas on what I might have done wrong that I'm 
> hitting Zap2It up for more data than I ought to be?  Could this be 
> due to my having DirectTV's PPV and Music channels listed even though 
> there's no real data there?
> --
> Mickey Chandler

It's doing exactly what it says it's doing.  It thinks that you are 
missing the guide info or at least enough that it needs to refresh the 
data for that day. There's an explanation of the process in the archives 


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