[mythtv-users] Mythbackend losing sql connection on the start of some recordings

Nathan Howell nathan at atdot.ca
Tue Feb 14 21:02:07 UTC 2006

Dag Nygren wrote:
> The reason for this is that mysql did an automatic reconnect in pre 5.0.xx
> versions.
> In versions newer than 5.0.15 there is a connection parameter you should
> set to get this behaviour.
> The Qt interface to MySQL doesn't give you a way to set it though and so
> MythTV has a difficult time using this feature without bypassing QtSQL.
> The timeout changes are really just bandaid for the problem.

Finally, a description of the problem :-). Thank you. So, has anyone 
filed a bug with or talked to the qt mysql driver folks about it? (I 
know, it's obvious, but it's a frustrating problem, so I've got to ask...)


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