[mythtv-users] 0.19 Channel Issues + etc

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Tue Feb 14 15:11:51 UTC 2006

> Press "R" to keep recording it.  If we assume that you want to keep
> recording it, you may get conflicts because Myth continued to record
> that 4 1/2 hour sports event that was on when you left LiveTV, so we
> don't assume.  Besides, I don't want my Myth box recording anything I
> didn't tell it to record (and leaving LiveTV means I told it to stop
> recording).

Hmm, that is a good point, I hadn't thought about longer shows, I was in the
world of "every show is the same length, so if you are watching it live,
there should
be no conflict in watching it to the end". It would be nice
for it to have options for things like that, such as "finish recording
whatever I was
last watching in LiveTV up to (Number of Gigs) or (Number of hours)" etc.
And to
give it a built in ability to be overridden by actual scheduled recordings.
I guess that's
a lot to ask just to get it to act like a TiVo.

I just recently started using a TiVo, and was surprised at how intuitive it
can be. For
example, don't you hate when you're watching something as it's recording,
and the
recording goes a little long and you get interested in whatever was coming
up next?
Unless TiVo is told otherwise, it assumes that once you're done recording a
you probably want to continue watching LiveTV on the same channel.
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