[mythtv-users] yum upgrade "freezes" - can't continue

Mike VanderPloeg galvin_pdx at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 16:46:27 UTC 2006


The same thing happened to me while following the
guide for FC4 (at the same point too, snmp). 
Unfortunately, I took the brute force approach and

When I got back to the point of doing the upgrade, I
first did a 'yum upgrade kernel' and a reboot.  This
will install the newest kernel.  Then I was sucessful
in using 'yum upgrade'.

The thing I don't like about yum is that it seems to
get its update packages from random servers. 
Sometimes I got 500kB/s, sometimes 100kB/s.  Very
frustrating, but maybe there is a way around it.


Michael Haan wrote:

> This has happened multiple times now.  Following
Jarod's guide, I do 
> fresh install of FC4 x86_64 then run "yum upgrade". 
Somewhere along 
> the way it "pauses".  The machine isn't frozen as I
can break out of 
> the upgrade by hitting ctrl-Z.  But then, re-running
yum upgrade  
> gives me something about net-snmp being needed for
> Anyone else seen this and/or know how to get past it?

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