[mythtv-users] Easy way to send audio to different outputs

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 00:24:16 UTC 2006

>From What I've read, it seems that its only possible to have all mythtv
audio sent to a single device.

I am using a pre .19 version (rev 8662 i believe), and have both AC3 &
DTS pass through enabled.  Now of course, this I set the audio device to
something logical, such as ALSA:iec958.

This works fine for me to get audio sent through that is already 5.1 AC3
(i don't have any DTS recordings so can't verify that) to be decoded by
my speaker system (Logitech Z680's).  The problem comes in that I don't
want audio that is non AC3 sent through that way.  I wanted to have it
sent through on ALSA:default.

My reasoning here is that if i'm not doing a show that has AC3, I want
to be able to still use the hardware mixing of my card to be able to
hear sounds of other apps.  If iec958 output is being used, then
hardware mixing doesn't work anymore & the sound device is restricted to

Now apps like xine have features that they detect the type of stream and
the appropriate (user set) output to be used.  I have xine configured
exactly to my liking this way, where default is used for everything but
a 5.1 source that should be used for a pass through.

How could I go about this with myth?

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