[mythtv-users] DVICo Fusion Gold ... way to use Analog AND DTV from the same card?

Rob djrobx at djrobx.com
Fri Feb 10 23:28:27 UTC 2006

The Fusion Gold (and Lite) are capable of recording Analog channels.   Myth
supports it as a V4L card.   However, I can't seem to have both HDTV Digital
and Analog at the same time.    Myth seems to think they're separate cards,
and that causes problems when Myth tries to do something with the DVB and
"analog" sides of the card at the same time.


Most people seem to be using multiple cards for analog and digital (HDTV).
But I would really like to take full advantage of the possibilities
available on the Fusion.     I only use analog TV sporadically so it seems
silly to buy an expensive PVR-150 card when the Fusion should do what I need
on its own.  Has anyone gotten this to work?   


-- Rob

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