[mythtv-users] Zap2it outage?

Jaymz Ringler jringler at unitedtransport.net
Thu Feb 9 13:35:06 UTC 2006

> As of this morning (Feb. 9th) my system still goes out to 2/22 which
> is a full two weeks. I assume it must have updated correctly last
> night.
> - Mark
> _______________________________________________

It's a strange problem in that I running 4 mythtv boxes one at home. Two
at the office.. One at a friend's house

One at the office is in production.  The other is being configured for
an employee.  They both contact zap2it fine.  

One at Ryan's house being built is on a residential Road Runner account
it too works fine.   

But the one at my house isn't working and this box has run for almost a
year.  I'm on residential Road Runner that goes through an alternate ISP
called Internet Nebraska.  I'm going to take this one to the office to
download program data for the time being.  

I posted on the husker linux users group about zap2it being down and
received replies from others on the inebraska rr that are having
difficulty connecting.  

As of this moment I am no longer able to pull labs.zap2it.com or
www.zap2it.com up with a web browser.  They had that back up yesterday
but has failed again.

I found out the hard way that you shouldn't delete your video sources in
mythtvsetup because it will erase all of your channels and program
guides and turn mythtv into a dvdplayer.

Anyone having any issues like this or have any suggestions?

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