[mythtv-users] [mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1241: One addional recording type for weekly recordings

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Feb 8 23:33:03 UTC 2006

Cougar wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, George Nassas wrote:
>> On 8-Feb-06, at 4:10 PM, Cougar wrote:
>>> The problem is that I'd like to record one show every week with "Record
>>> one showing of this title every week" but only form one channel 
>>> (another
>>> channel has different show with exactly the same name).
>> Yes, I caught that from your first post. You can accomplish this with a 
>> combination of Custom Record and "Record Once Weekly". I just set up a 
>> recording rule that does exactly what you say.
>> You can find custom record (sometimes called Power Search) under the 
>> Schedule Programs menu, it's the second last entry. At least, you can 
>> if you're running current SVN. What version of myth are you running? I 
>> know this feature has been around for a long time but it has also been 
>> a long time since there was a release. If you don't have a Custom 
>> Record menu item and you're not comfortable building the source you can 
>> wait a few days/weeks for the next release which is imminent.
>> If you do have Custom Record then give it a clause like this:
>> program.title = 'Whatever' AND program.callsign = 'NBC'
>> then move down to the record button and set it up as a once weekly 
>> recording.
> I run latest SVN usually (build a package semi-automatically every day at 
> least onece). Your query is ok but how it knows what show in this week is 
> the original when there are repeats of last show at the beginning of week?

Unlike your Trac entries, this is actually a valid issue. I will
try to help you with the questions you post here, okay =).

    * Wed: CH1 Title
    * Thu: CH2 Title
    * Fri: CH2 Title (repeat)
    * Sat: CH1 Title (repeat) 

I have to assume that there is no descriptive info for each showing
and they all have the same generic descriptions. If there is episode
info, then you could just set a rule to record any time on this channel.
If they are generic, then that would try to record both Wed and Sat.
This is the situation that the FindDaily and FindWeekly try to address;
you know that Wed and Sat will be the same but the listings don't
tell the system that this is the case.

When you set a regular title rule, you select the options page from
one showing. The starttime and day of the week for that showing are
used to determine the start of the week long interval. So, if the
Wed showing was as 20:00 and you chose that showing to set a FindWeekly
rule, the interval for this weeks showing would be any showing between
20:00 this Wed and 19:59 next Wed.

However, if you make any type of search rule (not only Custom Record
but any other Title, Keyword or People) the rule is created without
referring to a specific time or day and defaults to the current weekday
and time 0 (midnight).

> Looks like second one. I just have to set up rule after last repeat and 
> before new show begins. It is much more convient in guide when you can 
> just select the first show but I can live with this solution also. Looks 
> like it is not very common problem and there is no sense to create 
> addional option for that right now.

We now have eight record types whereas most DVRs only have two or three.
There have been several suggestions to make a new type to handle a rare,
specific situation. However, one of the nice things about Custom Record
is that most of these (and many that haven't come up yet) can be handled
with a special rule rather than imposing another type on everybody all
the time for a special case. You stumbled on a valid issue that we've
known about for some time but don't have a solution yet. That is, we
don't have a way to tweak the findday and findtime to specify the
intervals for FindWeekly and FindDaily.

Setting these only applies to these two types of rules and there isn't
an obvious place to add an option and UI to tune these while only exposing
the UI when the rule is one of these two types and not the other types.

--  bjm

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