[mythtv-users] DB error reported for version

Pieter Van Gorp pieter at pietervangorp.com
Tue Feb 7 21:38:47 UTC 2006

Hi all, I'm running MythTV frontend & backend version (from KnopMyth).

As I live in Antwerp, Belgium I'm loading channel info from

I'm able to view channels in MythWeb but not in MythFrontend. 
MythBackend reports database errors such as the one shown below. 
Strangely, this error was lastly reported at the end of 2004...
therefore I should add that my installation is an "auto-upgrade" of
KnopMyth.  Are there any packages that I should check the version of? 
What needs to be rebuilt or so?

Thanks for helping,
Pieter Van Gorp
DB Error (ProgramList::FromProgram):
Query was:
SELECT program.chanid, program.starttime, program.endtime,    
program.title, program.subtitle, program.description,    
program.category, channel.channum, channel.callsign,     channel.name,
program.previouslyshown, channel.commfree,     channel.outputfilters,
program.seriesid, program.programid,     program.airdate,
program.stars, program.originalairdate,     program.category_type FROM
program LEFT JOIN channel ON program.chanid = channel.chanid WHERE
program.chanid = 1004 AND program.endtime >= 20060207220000     AND
program.starttime <= 20060208000000 AND program.manualid = 0  GROUP BY
program.starttime, channel.channum,   channel.callsign, program.title
ORDER BY program.starttime, channum + 0 LIMIT 1000
Driver error was [2/1054]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Unknown column 'channel.outputfilters' in 'field list'

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