[mythtv-users] recordings mysteriously cut off

mstrimel@comcast.net mstrimel at comcast.net
Tue Feb 7 21:36:51 UTC 2006

My last few recordings have been:
2hrs scheduled  .... 1:37 actually recorded
1 hr scheduled .... :37 minutes actually recorded
2 hours scheduled ... 46 minutes actually recorded.

The backend log shows the recording start/stop commands being given at the right times. mythbackend doesn't seem to have crashed.

My card is PVR-150, and mythtv 0.18.1 compiled from source.

I updated my system from Ubuntu Hoary to Ubuntu Breezy recently.  AFAIK I am not using ivtv drivers, ubuntu recognizes the bttv card automatically and I"ve not had this type of trouble before.

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