[mythtv-users] Using LIRC

berthoda berthoda at utt.fr
Tue Feb 7 12:31:54 UTC 2006


I got LIRC working with many softwares such as mplayer, I can use every button I
configured, but nothing with mythtv. It behaves as if there were no config file,
but ~/.mythtv/lircrc is here and I described all the functions and buttons I
want to use inside.

MythTV has been compiled with lirc support I think (there is the line "LIRC_LIBS
= $$CONFIG_LIRC_LIBS" in settings.pro, I use Epios, Gentoo based for VIA Epia).

Thanks a lot if you can help me, I've been looking for a solution for hours, and
I didn't find any solution.

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