[mythtv-users] Quick, give me all your packages.

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Fri Feb 3 17:33:49 UTC 2006

I just found out that I am being sent out of the country for a week.  I
am being issued a company laptop, and will have a lot of free time.  I
want to spend it doing something productive. (No, I will not be watching
any porn.)

So, I would like to burn a few DVDs and have everything that I could
possibly need to setup a Linux distro and play with a bunch of tools for
learning purposes.  I'm leaning towards Debian since I use KnoppMyth,
but I'm open to others.  I would like to have everything I could
possibly want to apt-get on a DVD.

Right now I hate my gdm/fluxbox eperience.  I want to use a more full
featured env like KDE, but I really don't know the different tiers and
what part of the experience they control.  I want to learn this.

I also have full access to the O'Reilly library via SafariBooksOnline. 
So I can get any readying material also.

Given this scenario, what would you do?  (keep in mind that I need to
start downloading NOW!)

Thank you for your time,
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