[mythtv-users] USB Drive question

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Feb 2 14:22:35 UTC 2006

>>> kuphal at dls.net 02/02/06 9:16 AM >>>
>> No way am I using LVM ever again.  I'm trying to save up 
>> some cash for a hardware raid5 solution.  I lost about 
>> 3 years worth of recordings, some I don't care about, some 
>> that are not easily replaced.  I guess I'll just use these 
>> for backup, which is a decent idea for those hard to 
>> replace recordings.
>> I just thought these were such a good deal I could 
>> use them temporarily, but I guess I'll wait for 
>> another few months to put in my huge array.
>One of the things on my list of things to do after 0.19 is add the
>idea of storage groups to Myth to give at least a minimum level 
>of flexibility for recording on different partitions without using 
>LVM.  When it works, it works great, but the idea of my old 80GB 
>drive taking down my two new 160GB drives when it fails is 
>enough for me to want to add that feature.

Excellent idea.  Or, give nuvexport (or whatever it is going to 
be called) the ability to strip commercials out so the file 
can be saved in a non-Recordings area.

Like I said, there were things I recorded that are not replacable.
I should have burned them to DVD - like my daughter being 
interviewed on TV - that I'm not quite sure how I'm going to 
replace.  If I could have, after this was recorded, I would 
have moved it to the permanent storage area, I just could 
never get nuvexport to give me just the 5 minute clip of 
her being interviewed, even with commflagging and all that.


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