[mythtv-users] YAAQ (Yet Another Archive Question) - Chapters in MPEG4 files

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 03:14:53 UTC 2006

Soon I will have a number of sources, both MPEG2 & 4 (at the moment I 
only have a WinTV 401 but since that’s on a boat in a container this is 
purely academic) but I was planning on transcodeing all recordings to 
MPEG4s compatible with standalone DIVX / XVID DVD players.

Ideally I’d want commflaging / scene detection to produce a chapter list 
so that when watching on a stand alone player the skip button jumps to 
the next scene or advert, then I could burn a collection of MPEG4 AVIs 
(with pretty file names) to a DVD, or copy them to an external harddrive 
and the Misses could play them on a laptop or a compatible DVD player 
when on the road (this will do wonders for the WAF).

Presumably then if I watch a recording from a proper frontend I could 
check / fix the cut list and process the file so it removes the adds and 
burn it to DVD again but without the adds (it’d be nice to keep the 
scene brakes as chapters)?

How feasible / close to how it works anyway, is this, I didn’t try any 
exporting, transcodeing or cutting of adds last time, I just pressed the 
z key which worked for me.


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