[mythtv-users] DirecTV, HD, and Myth - Can It Work?

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Sun Dec 31 15:58:35 UTC 2006

On 12/31/2006 7:47 AM Kevin Kuphal said the following:

>Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>>I have a Myth 0.19 box that has one WinTV tuner and one ATSC tuner.  I 
>>am a DirecTV subscriber and have a regular satellite box attached to the 
>>WinTV via Svideo.  I get my HD content OTA.
>>But now I am moving to an area where OTA HD will be unavailable.  Is it 
>>possible to get DirecTV's HD content recorded with Myth?  If so, how 
>>does it work?  What outputs are on the HD box that I can use to record 
>>content in Myth?
>>I can't imagine I'm the first to ask such a question but Google didn't 
>>turn up anything relevant.  If I'm asking something that's covered in a 
>>FAQ or other web page, please send a link.
>The only way I know of is 169time.  Otherwise you're limited to analog 
>capture via svideo, etc.
Thanks for that info.  Just went to their web site and see they add 
firewire output to boxes.  So then I follow the guides about cable boxes 
with firewire output?  I suppose it works the same way?



P.S.  I may have to visit 169time as Grass Valley, CA is almost in my 
backyard.  :)

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