[mythtv-users] Sound, and frontend problems.

Chris Anderson chrislight at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 04:35:16 UTC 2006

I have been having quite a pain, trying to get this to work. I seem to
recall having this happn earlier, but I can't remember how to fix it.

I am having a few sound issues, I know that it isn't the card, I
replaced it with another one.

I am currently using Myth-Dora 3(FC5 base, with myth .2) When I use
the keyboard ot volume up and down, there is no change.

As well, when the mythtv exits, the channel sound never goes off. You
can still hear it.

I was wondering if this was a simple alsa-libs update?

This is my Audio-setup

audio-output /dev/dsp
passthrough : default

USE internal volume controls

Mixer device ALSA:default
Mixer Controls Master

Thank-you in advance for all your help


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