[mythtv-users] Channel Name Changes interfering with recording rules

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 30 05:53:23 UTC 2006

Matt wrote:
>    Another problem I discovered recently.  I had a few recording rules
> to have some shows record on anytime on a particular channel.  Well,
> sometime in the last 6 months or so, that chanel name in the database
> changed (ARTS to A&E).  So, basically all recording rules for that
> channel now thinks that they aren't there when in reality they are.

Ironically, another thread had someone complaining about the
new "Not Listed" warnings for timeslot and weekslot.

A Single, Timeslot or Weekslot rule would say Not Listed if
there is no match in the upcoming listings just to let you
know that there is a problem you may want to investigate.
Find* and All rules don't care about the station so only
Channel rules would quietly fail like this. I always use
All rather than Channel unless I'm specifically avoiding
some showings like NBC primetime shows that are repeated on

You should check your Set Priorities page periodically. For
each rule, the info shows the number of matches and the
number that will record as in "(Recording 2 of 6)". The rule
that have upcoming recordings are in green or orange and no
scheduled recordings are white. Look for things in white
where you'd expect recordings. "O" will show the proglist
for that title.

> What's the best ways of preventing things like this from happening?

Use All rather than Channel.

> What's the best way (besides noticing things are getting recorded, or
> stubmling upon it) to notice when this does occur?

Priorities page.

> What's the best way of fixing this once it has happened?

Set the type to "All". Use "O" to get the upcoming episodes
list. Press "I"nfo on an appropriate showing to see the options
page. Change the type back to Channel and press save. When you
save, it stores the info from the current showing so the
callsign would now be saved as "A&E" instead of "ARTS".

> Does this happen sometimes when people move, switch providers, etc?


--  bjm

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