[mythtv-users] Migrating existing recordings to new Storage Groups

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 30 03:34:04 UTC 2006

Matt wrote:
> On 12/29/06, John Drescher <drescherjm at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> One last question.  If I name the new partition the same, it won't be
>>> a problem.  However, what if I want to rename the partition?  Is there
>>> a particular place(s) I can change that easily in the database?  If
>>> not, I can stick with the old name (/mythtv/video).  However, I was
>>> thinking something like creating /mythtv/recordings/ then mounting
>>> each storage group (drive, in my case) to /mythtv/recordings/group1,
>>> /mythtv/recordings/group2, etc.

Go for it. Life is short. Out with the old and in with the new.

When you go into mythtv-setup "6. Storage Directories" then
"Default" it will show "/mythtv/video" that it imported from
your old setting. Highlight this item and press "D"elete or
"M"enu for a popup to remove it. "(Add New Directory)" to
input "/mythtv/recordings/group1" and "/mythtv/recordings/group2".

>> Run mythtv-setup. Then click Storage Directories. Then click default.
>> Then add or change entries as you wish. Right now I have 7 folders as
>> I have divided one of my 2 330GB drives in 50GB partitions and
>> formated them as xfs.
>> John
> What's the benefit of partitioning the drive in multiple partitions
> (and therefore multiple storage groups) rather than one single large
> partition?

I think he meant sub-directories ("folders") within the one
big partition for the whole disk(s). But it is a good question

I have four hosts each with a local disk mounted as "/video".
My master "nordtv" has another disk that I mounted as "/archive"
because that's waht I had been using it for =). Now myth can
write to both disks and read from both with none of the symlinks
that I used to use.

mysql> select * from storagegroup;
| id | groupname   | hostname | dirname          |
|  1 | Default     | nordtv   | /video/mythtv/   |
|  2 | Default     | nordtv   | /archive/mythtv/ |
|  3 | LiveTV      | nordtv   | /video/live/     |
|  4 | LiveTV      | nordtv   | /archive/live/   |
|  5 | Big Brother | nordtv   | /archive/bb7/    |
|  6 | Default     | sleepy   | /video/mythtv/   |
|  7 | LiveTV      | sleepy   | /video/live/     |
|  8 | Default     | moktoo   | /video/mythtv/   |
| 10 | LiveTV      | moktoo   | /video/live/     |
| 11 | Big Brother | moktoo   | /video/bb7/      |
| 12 | Default     | mingus   | /video/mythtv/   |
| 13 | LiveTV      | mingus   | /video/live/     |

I use the special group "LiveTV". These write to the same
partition but I like to keep the files seperate so I know
that everything in /video/mythtv/ is a recording and I can
check /video/live/ to see if there are old files left over
from a crash or something,

Storage Groups know which disk it is using ever if I give
different directory choices. Therefore, If I have a recording
going in nordtv:/video/mythtv/ and I start a live session on a
second card on this machine, it will choose "/archive/live/"(!).
If /archive/mythtv/ was used instead, the live session would go
to /video/live/. Slick, hey?

I also kept all 29 episodes of Big Brother 7: All-Stars and
put these in their own space. I can keep files from this series
on either of two machines. If there were more upcoming episode
(which there aren't), The record rule could have the SG set
to "Big Brother" so the recorder would know that it should
try to write to a directory for this group and help me keep
them separate.

--  bjm

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