[mythtv-users] Split/chopping recording files from mythtv

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Dec 30 03:10:26 UTC 2006

On Dec 29, 2006, at 8:02 PM, John Drescher wrote:

>> It will fit on a dual-layer disk, but I don't think you can get them
>> as rw, only write once AFAIK.
> DVD+R DL sounds like an option to me as prices are now reasonable at
> around $1.25 / disk in 25 packs at newegg.

That's certainly good news. I got some for around $1.75/each from  
CompGeeks a while back but that's even better.

Be aware though that the compatibility with standalone players is not  
quite as good as with the single-layer disks. Most players made in  
the last year or two will handle them, but I have run into some older  
players that will deal with burned SL +Rs but not the DL ones.

Also, as your burner lens gets dirty, it will have trouble with the  
DL disks before it starts to have problems with the SL ones. The DL  
disks are also more susceptible to dirt on the disk, scratches etc.

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