[mythtv-users] Help with tv-out using nvtv

Philip Isaacs pisaacs at wesleyan.edu
Fri Dec 29 21:30:46 UTC 2006


I have been trying to adjust the overscan on my MythTV box using nvtv.

When I issue the following command as root:

mythtv at mythtv:~$ nvtv -t -r 640,480 -s Small -S NTSC

I get a gray screen with a black box in the middle and some weird gray 
lines. No picture at all.

When I issue this command as mythtv: nvtv -N -t -r 640,480 -s Small -S NTSC

I get this message.

Found NVidia Kernel module version 1.0-8774
Warning: The NVidia kernel module is newer than the versions nvtv have been
  tested with. If NVidia has changed the data structures in the kernel
  module, nvtv might fail, or even core dump. In this case, run nvtv as 
Fatal: No supported video card found.

I am using the KnoppMyth R5D1 (from Sept) and have the everything
running perfectly expect for the black boarders around the image on the 

I am using the Nvidia 1.08 drivers that came with the distro. The card 
is a Nvidia Ti4200 (128 mb , 8x AGP)

Any (and I mean any) help would be appreciated.



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