[mythtv-users] TV signal out?

Trent Carbe trencarbe at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 20:36:41 UTC 2006

Hi Stef,
  You're right, after reading your mail I noticed that the black picture on TV flashes, but the TV signal is not hooked up to the TV. It has worked perfectly with this laptop with Win98, so I know it's usually working.
  I could always Google some more...  ;-)
  > Hi again,
>   The link is for the Windows world, and I have done this exactly when I
> had Win98 installed on the laptop. With Win98 I got picture onto the TV by
> pressing the 'Fn' key and 'F5'.
Are you sure this is not working?  On my thinkpad, I can use fn + f5 to active 
the vga out in linux and windows.  This is a hardware switch, so it works 
regardless the os.
For the compaq laptop I once tried, if I connect the tv-out before powering on 
the laptop, everything is displayed on the tv.  Including the compaq logo and 
the bios stuff.


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