[mythtv-users] TV Quality Recommendations (PVR-350 vs. S-Video vs. VGA->Composite)

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 18:56:57 UTC 2006

> With this issue in mind, I've narrowed my options to the following three:
> 1.  Purchase a PVR-350 and use it's TV-out.
> 2.  Purchase an FX5200 and use it's S-Video out.
> 3.  Purchase a VGA->Composite or similiar adapter and use my current video
> card.

First off, scratch number 3 right away.   Composite has the most noise of
the three options you have available.  It's the chroma (I think) signal is
also low-pass filtered, so there's signal loss there.

As for the other two, number 1 is a very good option from a video quality
standpoint, but currently, there is no one maintaining Myth's 350 TV-out
support.  So if it breaks, it'll stay broken unless someone steps up to take

So, with that said, my recommendation is the FX5200 with S-Video out.

I have regular old cable, not digital or satellite so the picture
> quality isn't fantastic to begin with (but still crystal clear and
> vibrant).

Well, a) no need to make things worse, and b) you may use Myth to view other
material, such as DVDs, downloaded content, or even games.

Does anyone have any advice on which of these three will result in the
> best picture quality and just how much better that quality is than the
> other options (ie, will I notice the difference on my 27" TV from 7
> feet away)?  And, as always, if this issue has already been discussed
> in another thread please point it out, since I couldn't find anything.

Well, I have a 32" CRT, and I personally notice a considerable increase in
sharpness and contrast when moving from composite to S-Video.  As for the
PVR-350 option, that's at your discretion. :)  But given the issues you
outlined, I'd bet that the FX5200 will be easier to get working and will
give you less hassles in the future.

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