[mythtv-users] TV signal out?

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Fri Dec 29 14:18:51 UTC 2006

On Friday 29 December 2006 15:03, Trent Carbe wrote:
> Hi all,
>   A newbie question here... I've installed KnoppMyth R5E50
> backend/frontend, which by the way very easy, on my old laptop HP Omnibook
> XE3. It doesn't have any tuner connected, the intention was to try the
> distribution and get a feel on MythTV. But now I would of course to have
> the picture on my TV, how do I activate the signal out in MythTV?
I suppose you can connect your tv to your laptop with a svideo cable?
Try to power on the laptop with the tv connected and using svideo as input.

Quick google search:


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