[mythtv-users] Air2PC ATSC Getting it to work

Boleslaw Ciesielski bolek-mythtv at curl.com
Fri Dec 29 02:42:44 UTC 2006

Melvin J. Cureton wrote:
> I have an Air2PC card installed. I have the firmware (dvb-fe-nxt2002.fw) 
> in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware.

This firmware is for a different card (Air2PC 2nd gen based on nxt2002, 
you have the 1st gen). I don't know if you need a different firmware for 
your card. Some cards don't need any.

> Now it say it loaded the card successfully but in ivtv it says:
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> nxt200x: nxt200x_readbytes: i2c read error (addr 0x0a, err == -121)
> Unknown/Unsupported NXT chip: 00 00 00 00 00
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> Is this normal?

Yes. You don't have nxt chip.

> Also, how the hell do I create a channels.conf for azap and dvbscan and 
> other scanning programs?

Install dvb-apps package and run

scandvb -U /usr/share/dvb-apps/atsc/us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB

It will spew out channels.conf contents at the end.


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