[mythtv-users] Cant get DBV-T EPG data

Dave Ansell dave at theansells.com
Thu Dec 28 16:49:11 UTC 2006

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Dave Ansell wrote:
> Hi,
>     I have just rebuilt my backend machine on FC6 x86_64.
>    I'm using Hauppauge Nova-T cards which worked fine until recently on my
> old FC3 backend.
>    Built myth using current atrpms.
>    Tuned in fine (Rowridge transmitter, IOW UK) and all channels are 
> listed
> as normal.
>    Only problem is a complete absence of programme data.   (I selected 
> over
> air data, no grabber during setup as per my previous system).  I also know
> the over air data is present as my old system and another set-top-box are
> working fine.
>    Any clues as to what to look for next?    I have tried deleting and
> reestablishing the video source as a few other posts stated.
> Not many clues from the backend log, other than a lack of "EITScanner"
> messages .....

I have a similar environment, eventually got it to work by editing the MySQL 
tables (with

1) ensure the fields networkid and transportid in dtv_multiplex are not null 
(use dvbSnoop
to get correct values)
2) set useonairguide to 1 for all channels in the channel table
3) set useeit to 1 in the videosource table


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      Many thanks for that.
      Not sure if I missed an option somewhere in setup but your item (3) 
was the one which did the business.



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