[mythtv-users] asoundrc and 5.1

Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Thu Dec 28 07:45:51 UTC 2006

Hi Al

I have a similar hardware setup.

Your /etc/asound.conf and ~/.asoundrc will need to be set up like:

pcm.!default {
type plug
slave {
pcm "spdif"
rate 48000
format S16_LE

And you will need to use the device ALSA:default (otherwise it seems
that you can't use pass-through AC3 and PCM)

If you connect speakers to your sound card using a digital cable
(RCA/SPDIF or optical) then the software speaker test will only output
from two speakers.

I personally use "speaker-test -Dplug:spdif -c7 -t2 -f100" but only get
front left and front right.

The reason for this is that the speaker test signal is not in AC3 nor
DTS format.

If anyone knows how to make it do AC3 or DTS then please let us all know

Oh also it helps to make sure that if you don't have the correct cable
that you use at least a STEREO 3.5mm to RCA lead for the spdif from your
sound card as I once spent a hour trying to figure out why my sound was

Have fun


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I have an "Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1" 
and a I followed
However,  when I run `speaker-test -c 7` only 0 - Front Left, 1 - Front
Right work.
Also, `mplayer -ao alsa:device=digital -afm hwac3 dvd://` produces no
sound, only `mplayer -ao alsa -channels 6 dvd://` produces sound in all
channels. I am using the "digital out" on the card, to coaxial audio to
my receiver.

Has anyone had this issue with FC6 or have any ideas? Thanks for any


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