[mythtv-users] new frontend can't watch recordings

Allan Wilson allanwilson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 03:13:42 UTC 2006

I just installed a new frontend and it can't watch recordings. My other
frontend only and frontend/backend work fine. I am running the latest SVN as
of this afternoon on the frontend/backend and the new frontend. Here is the
error message.

2006-12-27 04:08:38.989 GetRecordBasename found no entry
2006-12-27 04:08:38.995 TV: Attempting to change from None to
SIP Registration failed; Reason 404 Not found
2006-12-27 04:08:45.496 RingBuf(//): Invalid file (fd -1) when opening '//'.

I also get this trying to show thumbnail previews of the shows:

2006-12-27 04:08:31.002 PlaybackBox Error: Could not open file for preview

Any ideas? Thanks

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