[mythtv-users] KWorld ATSC-110 Question

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 28 02:34:37 UTC 2006

I bought this card and I have a question on how this
card works. Maybe I bought this card thinking it
worked one way but it works another or I've set
something up wrong. First of all, I live in the US and
I'm trying to get OTA HD along with analog cable.

The card has two cable inputs. If I hook the top cable
input up to an antenna and do a 8VSB-ATSC scan I get
the digital channels. If I hook the bottom cable input
to an antenna and do a scan I get nothing. I figured
okay the top is for the antenna and the bottom is for
the cable coming out of the wall. Well when I do this
I get the digital channels but on the cable from the
wall channels I get snow. If I hook the cable from the
wall into the top cable input I get my wall cable

Figuring I need two seperate capture devices since I
want one for OTA HDTV and one for cable I went into
mythtv-setup and setup two capture sources. So I have
a DVB connection (frontend id: Nextwave NXT200X
VSB/QAM; frontend subtype: ATSC) and this is tied to
OTA video sources and I have /dev/video0 (probed info
says Kworld ATSC110(saa7134) tied to my local cable

So, is it possible for this card in the US to have an
OTA antenna going into one cable port on the card and
an analog cable source going into another cable port
on the card or is this not possible -- i.e., i'll need
two seperate cards.

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