[mythtv-users] What's better? 2.4 GHz P4 mobo or Dual 1.1 GHz PIII mobo?

F Peeters (MythTV) francesco at fampeeters.com
Tue Dec 26 15:59:53 UTC 2006

Hi All,

Assuming similar specs for the remainder, what would be better for a new
backend server?

A new board (I'd have to purchase separately as my Intel D865GLC keeps
switching off due to thermal events that aren't really there) with a
single 2.4 GHz P4 or an existing dual 1.1 GHz PIII board?

(The Dual PIII is a Abit-VP6; the P4 would have to be an ASRock P4I65G, as
no other Socket 478 boards are available here)

Either way the server will have 1 GB RAM and a 640 GB MD-RAID5 array.
In the near future I will add a PVR-500 to it.

I now have a single FE/BE combo with a PVR-250 and 250 GB harddisk, which
will be rebuild to become a slave to the new server and use NFS for data
storage on the new backend.

Aside from that, the server will also act as a fileserver and mailserver
(low volumes, about 500 mails a day)

If possible, also tell me *why* it is (in your opinion(s)) the better

F Peeters
  PC-Chips M863G Geode - NVidia 440 - Hauppauge PVR250
  Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) - XFCE - MythTV 0.20 - Xine
  Panasonic NV-VHD1 VCR/DVD player case modded to fit it all in...

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