[mythtv-users] Erasing Menu-Items from mythburn

Andreas Andreaz at t-online.de
Tue Dec 26 14:18:30 UTC 2006

Paul wrote:
>Andreas wrote:
>> Hello List,
>> long ago i tried the mythburn-plugin. Since its gone to mytharchive, 
>> i would like to kick the mythburn menuitems out of the the menu
>> (cause those items are out of function now).
>> I've no idea how to manage this. 
>> Any ideas here?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andreas
>I assume you mean the old UI for MythBurn in which case if you delete or 
>rename libmythburn.so  usually found in  /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ or 
>/usr/local//lib/mythtv/plugins that will remove the menu entries for it.
>Paul H.

Hello Paul,

thank you alot. That solved it. Now i got my clean menu back! 


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