[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Mon Dec 25 06:20:43 UTC 2006

Robert Seaton wrote:
> Your absotivly right, and I simply can't afford to buy the wrong case.
> I' going to be using the PVR-350, and I don't know if supports a low
> profile setup. So I guess I will have to find that out first. 
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> First, be a bit cautious about low profile cases.  I got burned because
> one of my tuner cards did not have a LPCI bracket available.  My second
> case is the Antec Fusion
> <http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=15738> which while
> looking good VFD and all, is still not as expensive a many of the
> others.
> Regards
> -Bill Knight
> Robert Seaton wrote:
>> I'm building a dedicated mythbox. I'm looking for recommendations for 
>> a computer case.
>> 1. Case must be high quality
>> 2. Must be desktop form factor
>> 3. Must be small enough to fit on top of my TV 4. Must look good 
>> sitting on top of my TV 5. Must fit an ATX board
>> Any recommendations, or links would be appreciated.

The Antec Overture II is a nice looking case with LOTS of room and it is 
VERY quite.  I had one for about two weeks before I decided to sell it 
since it didn't really suit my needs.  It's a BIG case.  I mean, it's 
like taking a tower, and leaning it on its side (with all of the drive 
trays and such properly oriented).  Yes, it is expandable with lots of 
room for hard drives and such, but, for me, since I was just planning on 
using it as a FE, it was overkill.

I ended up going for something very small.. a Shuttle XPC barebones.  
The Silent-X heat-pipe system that comes with the one that I bought (the 
SK21G) has it such that there is only one fan in the system (a large 
one) that runs based upon system temp, which, for me, averages around 
960RPM (I poll it ever 5 minutes and graph it using rrdtool :) ). 
Actually, there are two fans.  I forgot about the teeny-tiny fan for the 
power supply.  Overall, the system is very quite, but definitely not 
completely silent.  The whole "completely silent" realm is an entirely 
different ball game.

If you have a separate backend server that is hidden away in a closet 
somewhere, then it doesn't really matter how loud or ugly that case is; 
it just matters what the frontend server looks like.  And, for that, you 
don't need anything completely crazy, either, since it will get all of 
its info from the noisy backend server.

Since my hacked DirecTivo is down awaiting a drive replacement, my 
Shuttle XPC Myth frontend is sitting right on top of it.


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