[mythtv-users] independend master/slave backends

Groepaz groepaz at gmx.net
Sun Dec 24 17:42:36 UTC 2006


i have to boxes setup...

a) my desktop, running the master backend (and occasionally frontend, but that 
doesnt matter i guess)
b) my laptop, usually running just a frontend (no slave backend or mysql)

now i recently got a dvb-t card for my laptop, and i would like to use mythtv 
for watching tv when i'm on the road (read: when the laptop is not connected 
to the master backend). so far i have installed mysql and backend on the 
laptop, and configured those two as if it would be another master backend. 
but ofcourse that is not "right". what i'd really want is using the laptop as 
a frontend only (when i'm at home) and as a standalone backend/frontend when 
i'm on the road. preferably it should all work "automagically", without 
having to reconfigure mythtv on the laptop for a different master backend 
server. i tried running the backend on the laptop as a slave backend, but 
that didnt really do what i wanted either. any hints? (if there is no "good" 
way to do this, maybe someone who is more into mysql than me could come up 
with the necessary mysql commands to toggle the backend IP, so i dont have to 
go through mythtv-setup all the time?)



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