[mythtv-users] Can't Open HDTV Card

Brano branob at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 17:43:20 UTC 2006

Not sure what's wrong, but the card is properly recognized under Fedora 
Core 6 and SUSE 10.2 and Kubuntu 6.1 (those are the 3 distros I've 
tried). However I have issues with sound to get it working correctly. It 
seems to be 8Khz Mono only for some reason.

-------- Original Message --------

> I can't get any channel signals.  
> Mysql seems to work,
> Mythsetup seems to work,
> mythfilldatabase seems to work.
> I am using:
> FEDORA 5 version 2.18
> Latest version of Mythtv
> Divco Fusion Gold 5 capture card.
> My source is Antenna scanning for DT channels.
> I had this card working perfectly under windows using the same antenna
> with 95% plus signal strengths so I know I should be getting something.
> I kept getting the message "Failed to open Card" message so I changed
> the /dev directory to 777 permissions.  I don't see the Failed to open
> card message but still "0 signal strength"
> What do i do to fix this?
> what logs can I look at to see what's going on?
> Gray
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