[mythtv-users] Automatically downloading album cover art

Jon Boehm jbpub at comcast.net
Sun Dec 24 07:00:07 UTC 2006


I had the same problem until I changed this line to this

find ${1:-.} . -type f -name \*.mp3 -exec dirname {} \; |

I don't have non mp3s so I was ok.

I did notice that when I couldn't find a file for the ID3 tag it  
created a zero length file called folder_large.jpg.  So I added this

     if [ -f "$d"/folder_large.jpg ]; then
        if [ -s "$d"/folder_large.jpg ]; then
             echo "$d -- already has album art"
Not the second nesting. I don't think it helped.  The zero length  
files are still zero length so I think there was no amazon match.

Hope this helps,

 > On 10/12/06, Tim Nichols <tnichols[at]is-design.com> wrote:

 >> I've written the attached script to automatically download album  
 >> art. This is similar to Brad DerManouelian's albumart.pl, but it  
 >> id3info and ogginfo to extract artist and album name so that  
there is no
 >> dependency on file structure. You need to have Paul Stuttard's
 >> amazon.pl, vorbis-tools (ogginfo), and id3lib (id3info) installed  
for it
 >> to function correctly.
 >> It currently only works for mp3 and ogg files as that is all that  
I have
 >> personally.
 >> To install, put the script in your path somewhere (/usr/local/bin).
 >> Then run it with your base music directory as a parameter:
 >> example:
 >> albuminfo.sh /var/music
 >Hi Tim. I downloaded your script and amazon.pl pointed in this thread
 >but your script don't works for me.
 >I tried to launch, specifiyng the path but I get no output on the
 >console and, worst :), no covers file.
 >How can I debug the script?
 >thank you,

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