[mythtv-users] A frontend extension ??!!

Nick Lin topolopulus at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 22:32:45 UTC 2006

hi everyone,
i'm a newbie with mythtv, well..... i got it running under my debian
box just ONE time, but it was pretty slow, i believe it's because my
configuration was wrong...
well... now i'm trying to make a linux multimedia center box with a
Fanless power supply and a Fanless Cooler  '-' v . and i got an
idea.... how about use my PDA to control a frontend? i tried to google
and found some web-based control via telnet or another port, but i
always need an extra monitor to see my list or configuration..., but i
already have my pda screen!!
so, my question is: Is there some plugin or software for PDA that do:
1. remote control
2. configure mythtv
3. edit play list

if the answer is negative, i would like to develop something like i
mentioned.... well i'm a web and vb develop, i thinks it should not be
hard to do..... ;)


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