[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

John P Poet jppoet at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 07:08:59 UTC 2006

On 12/22/06, Robert Seaton <bobs at itproscorp.com> wrote:
> I guess what I am saying is that I'm looking for a case befitting the
> purpose. The link you sent me is right along the lines of what I am
> looking for. I also found these cases called "ahanix" that also look
> pretty good. Checkum out, see what you think. Can never get too much
> info before spending the duckies.
> http://www.ahanix.com/products/mce/mce_302.php

That ahanix looks nice enough, but I don't like it.

If you are putting this case in your living room, you will want it to
be as quiet as possible.  Those ahanix cases look like they have very
limited cooling.  If the case traps heat inside, then you are going to
need to run your CPU fan fast, to keep the CPU cool -- which means

Also, the specifications cannot be right.  They say that case is (in
inches) 5.94W x 3.38H x 5.50L.  If it is really that small, then it
cannot hold a mATX motherboard, since the motherboard itself is 9.6 x
9.6 inches in size.

Also, the VFD Ahanix is using interfaces with the motherboard via a
parallel port, which means 1) The motherboard must have a parallel
port and 2) The interface cable must snake outside the case to hook

Also, that Ahanix case only support low-profile cards in it's slots.
That can be very limiting.

The reason I like the Antec Fusion, is it is designed to be very
quiet, very well cooled.  It's VFD hooks up to an internal (or
external, your choice) USB port.  It's slots can take full size cards.

The Antec fusion is identical to the Antex NSK2400 on the inside, for
which you can read a review here:


The last page of that review talks about the differences between the
NSK2400 and the Fusion.


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