[mythtv-users] Streaming Music with MythWeb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Dec 23 06:15:29 UTC 2006

Matt Rude wrote:
>> I seem to have one of those systems where the auto linking doesn't work. 
>> I've been puzzled with this one and just adding the link manually solved 
>> finally the music streaming, very nice :)
> Well I'm going to add that info to the wiki.  Dose anyone know why this
> is happens to some people?

Usually, they fail to read the directions and set the proper file
permissions on the data/ directory.

actually, I'm wrong..   It looks like when I accepted the patchset that
added mp3act, I didn't check that it created the symlink.  Only the old
music handler did that.

They both should now in svn.

I still have error reporting disabled because it would show errors on
every page load for people who run mythweb from Windows.


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