[mythtv-users] mytharchive error

Michael Drons mdrons at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 23 04:42:03 UTC 2006

info from the mythburn.log file.  mplex is failing.  

Thanks, Mike

INFO: Converting filenames to ISO-8859-1
INFO: Picture
/mnt/mythtv/tmp/work/chaptermenumask-1.png had 3
INFO: Picture
/mnt/mythtv/tmp/work/chaptermenumask-1.png had 3
INFO: Constructing blank img
INFO: Pickbuttongroups, success with 1 groups,
INFO: Found EOF in .sub file.
INFO: Max_sub_size=3538
WARN:  Read 0, expected 4
INFO: 1 subtitles added, 0 subtitles skipped, stream:
32, offset: 0.18

- Processed 0 subtitles.
- The longest display line had -1 characters.
- The maximum number of displayed lines was 0.
- The normal display height of the font arial.ttf was
- The bottom display height of the font arial.ttf was
- The biggest subtitle box had 3538 bytes.
Menu items per page 3
Chapters per recording 8
Creating DVD XML file for dvd author
Menu page 1
aspect ratio is: 1.33333
aspect ratio is: 1.33333
Video length is 606 seconds. Each chapter will be 75
Total size of video files, before multiplexing, is
1060 Mbytes, audio is 90 MBytes, menus are 4 MBytes.
Video will fit onto DVD. 3275.0 MBytes of space
remaining on recordable DVD.
Multiplexing MPEG stream to
Available streams - video and one audio stream
   INFO: [mplex] mplex version 1.8.0 (2.2.4 $Date:
2005/08/28 17:50:54 $)
**ERROR: [mplex] File
/mnt/mythtv/tmp/work/1/stream.mv2 unrecogniseable!
   INFO: [mplex] File
/mnt/mythtv/tmp/work/1/stream0.mp2 looks like an MPEG
Audio stream.
**ERROR: [mplex] Unrecogniseable file(s)... exiting.
ERROR: mplex failed with result 1


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