[mythtv-users] FireWire HD capture used to work, but now it doesn't

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 22 17:18:31 UTC 2006

Khanh Tran wrote:
>> What would cause these errors to start happening now?  I had to get the cable
>> box reauthorized when I set it up; could a firmware change have come in with
>> that that would break FireWire output?
> Could be.  Did you notice that when you plugged the box back in on the
> new cable system that there was a countdown-looking thing happening on
> the LCD?  Your new cable provider might have disabled the firewire
> port....

Non-HD channels still work (and as a bonus, SciFi now works over FireWire, so I
can record Battlestar Galactica from it instead of the crappy tuners in my
PVR-500).  If I pipe the stream from test-mpeg2 into mplayer, on the odd
occasions that it'll start playing video, it's all broken up.  If the port had
been disabled, I would think nothing would work.

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