[mythtv-users] mythtv hard lockup

Matthias Thyroff lists at thyroff.net
Fri Dec 22 14:28:19 UTC 2006

I also have hard lockups and the cpu fan spinning up. No more reaction,
no ssh. It usually happens when switching from one menu to another (say,
from live tv to program guide or back), with the first few lines of the
new screen content drawn, the rest of the screen the old content. It was
much more frequent with an older version of the nvidia driver, it then
happened at about 50% of cases when entering or leaving the program
guide. I am using a PCI Nvidia 5200 on an intel i810/PIV-2Ghz
motherboard, no OpenGL, frontend only.

I am thinking that it is due to nvidia driver. It is too random for me
to try all nvidia options to see if it gets better by changing anything

Jesse Dhillon schrieb:
> Does the computer ever lockup for anyone else? Every once in a while 
> myth will cause my computer to freeze hard: all shells die, no input is 
> processed, and the CPU fan kicks in suggesting that the usage is 
> spiking. The only thing that will illicit a response is a ping.
> This happens when doing seemingly mundane stuff; setting a recording, 
> browing channels, other normal activity. It only happens in the TV 
> watching module. Is there any way to diagnose this? I am pretty sure 
> it's not a hardware problem but I'm willing to entertain the idea. I am 
> able to deal with this but I am not the only user of the TV and I can't 
> offer a solution for this house that randomly requires rebooting, 
> fscking, and mysql database repair. Suggestions?
> Jesse.
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