[mythtv-users] MythStream general usage instructions

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 22:56:01 UTC 2006

 Myth 0.20 (from a dist not SVN) 
Kernel 2.6.18 
Ubuntu Edgy 
MythStream 0.17_2 (Oct 13 2006) 

I wanted to stream some of the internet radio stations
using Myth. 
Seems MythStream is the perfect fit for this. 
Are there any other options? 

So I downloaded the source from: 

Followed the INSTALL and have (I believe) everything
configured in Myth. 
The README isn't really giving me the information I
need, like what to 
expect when I press <Enter> below. 

In the Myth Frontend I went here: 
Media Library -> Stream Settings -> Steams 

Moved the highlighted text to: 
Radio -> CBC Radio 2 

Now what? 
I hit Enter, nothing happens? 
No messages in the frontend log.

I think you didn't edit the xml files correctly since
the setup is under.

Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> Media Settings -> Stream

and you should have if you edited the files correctly

Media Library -> Internet Streams

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