[mythtv-users] Hyper remote and other questions

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Dec 21 17:50:25 UTC 2006

Brett Kosinski wrote:
>     However, some things are a little funky since I switched from the
>     PVR-150 remote (I split my FE/BE to two separate machines).  For one,
>     the remote seems extra hyper.  I mean, if I hit "go back", it seems to
>     act as if I hit the button 2 or sometimes 3 consecutive times in a
>     row.
>     Same goes with the number keys (I have to be really careful,
>     otherwise I
>     might tune in 224 instead of 245).  I see in the .lircrc file that
>     there
>     is a "repeat" value.. what does that do?
> From:
> http://www.lirc.org/html/configure.html#lircrc_format
> repeat - tells the program what shall happen if a key is repeated. A
> value of zero tells the program to ignore repeated keys. Any other
> positive value 'n' tells the program to pass the config string every
> 'n'-th time to the according application, when a key is repeated. The
> default for repeat is zero.
> Generally speaking, I set my repeat to a value of 2 for all keys. 
> Though, for some (like exit, last, etc), you probably want it set to 0.
>     Also, I somehow lost the ability to tune to a channel via the program
>     guide when watching livetv.  I swear I was able to do this prior to
>     moving over to the new equipment, but I don't know what I did to undo
>     this and I don't know what controls that.  Any pointers in the right
>     direction would be much appreciated!  :)
> Well, by default, when you hit 'enter' on an item in the guide, it
> will bring up the info menu for that entry.  There's a frontend
> configuration item somewhere (I believe in the Guide configuration
> settings) that instructs Myth to tune to the channel if 'enter' is
> pressed on it, which is likely the behaviour you want.
> Brett.

Thanks for the help!  I found the setting for the select in the guide. 
Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> TV Settings -> Program Guide -> page 2

I checked my .lircrc file, and, interestingly enough, for the keys that
are the most problematic (exit, select, etc), I don't have "repeat ="
values set for them, so they _should_ be the default of 0.  Perhaps I
will try hard coding them to "0" just to be sure..


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