[mythtv-users] OT Hardware RAID 5 non-Recommendations

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Thu Dec 21 04:05:14 UTC 2006

> That's my cue. I am pretty sure that within a couple of days I will
> have more disk storage for MythTV than anyone else on earth. Heck, as
> it stands, the existing 3.65TB (not including another 2.8TB that's
> temporarily out of commission) probably puts me in the top five or
> so. 1.5TB is in RAID 5, 2.0TB is in RAID 1, and 150GB is in a single
> disk. (Once again, thank goodness for Lincoln Dale's
> multiple-directories patch as I await 0.21's Storage Groups
> functionaliy.) Once the forthcoming additional storage space comes on
> board I'll convert over the 2.0TB RAID 1 array to 1.5TB in RAID 5 and
> retire the single disk.

FWIW, i converted over to using Storage Groups.
its a pretty simple exercise to convert from the previous multiple-directories
across to storage-groups.  (i run a fairly recent mythtv SVN head release).

my storage consists of approx 3.5TB of disk - an original 4 SATA/PATA disks
ranging from 200GB to 350GB and recently augmented with 14x180G FC disks.

i tend to find that its never 'full' and for the most part the 'enterprise
class' disks here are typically spun-down for days at a time.

given the multiple-directories & subsequent storage-groups, i'm amazed folks
persist with LVM/RAID setups & the pain associated with performance bottlenecks
and failed disks.



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