[mythtv-users] mytharchive video/audio sync

Bryan Pluta bryanpluta at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 02:24:27 UTC 2006

So with the advice from Paul Harrison I got my mytharchive to run 
correctly. I had to apt-get install mjpegtools which updated my 
mjpegtools and got mytharchive to work. Now when I run mytharchive I 
have 2 problems. This first is that the video and audio are out of sync. 
I could not find a response to this in the mailing lists posts that I 
have. The second problem that I have is that the result file stops at 
the first commercial. I am usually only creating an ISO and have not 
tested with multiple shows. So my two problems are that the video and 
audio are out of sync and the show ends at the first commercial cut. You 
people are all great and thanks for all the help.


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