[mythtv-users] Mythstream + Shoutcast TV

TJ tj53 at cox.net
Mon Dec 18 20:50:55 UTC 2006

I installed MythStream yesterday just to play around with and see  
what stuff I could receive and a lot of streams didn't work that were  
in the default playlist so I exported the Shoutcast TV listings from  
VLC and edited the xml to the Mythstream format and used that in  
place of the default streams.res file. All I can say is wow. I had to  
recompile mplayer to recognize the VP62 codec on Mplayer, but once I  
did that I can now watch any of the hundreds of Streamcast TV  
stations through Mythstream. Some stations are obviously better than  
others, but a select few are amazing quality and look great on my  
HDTV. Definitely adds a bit more variety to the media selection of  

Here is a link to the ShoutcastTV.res file I made up: <http:// 

If you want to use it just place it in a folder MythTV can access and  
then add it as a file under Storage Options in MythStream settings.

Anyone else have some good .res files to share? I'd be interested in  
keeping an online collection which consisted of a bunch of peoples so  
that we could all have up to date links to internet radio/tv stations.


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